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Born and raised in the province of Milan, Clara is a fashion and portrait photographer currently based in Milan. She attended the Italian Institute of Photography. She loves culture and creativity in all their forms.

Clara uses the photographic set as if it were a theatrical stage, on which to direct the show, staging stories of mystery, melancholy, elegance but also irony through details, nature and plays of light. She loves experimenting.


Show Reel Agency

Fremantle Media

T3kne Agency

Fattore Mamma

Alef Lab




  • Solo exhibition "Trash apocalypse" curated by Sanni Agostinelli for Vogue Photo Festival at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia.​

  • Collective exhibition: "Obiettivo New Generation" curated by Ornella Castiglione for "Obiettivo Immagine" Project at Spazio Kryptos (Milano), with: "#quarterlifecrisis.​

  • Collective exhibition: “Il paesaggio nello spazio” curated by Erminio Annunzi at Palazzo Marliani Cicogna (Busto Arsizio -VA-), with: “Galaxìas”.​​


  • Collective exhibition: "La ballata dei sogni perduti. Fotografando Spoon River" curated by Roberto Mutti at Spazio Tadini (Milano), with: Serepta Mason.

  • Biennale dei Giovani Fotografi Italiani “Diritti e Conflitti” curated by Gigliola Foschi at Centro Italiano della Fotografia D’Autore (Bibbiena -AR-), with: #quarterlifecrisis.​

  • Collective exhibition: “Spie 2” curated by Giancarlo Maiocchi (Occhiomagico) at Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, with: Don’t tell me how to dress!, No means no!, I can choose to be who I want!.


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